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Pads and tampons remind us 24/7 that we have our period: mega-uncomfortable, seriously annoying to deal with, scary for our health... and it's not exactly reliable or environmentally friendly. With its membership program, FEMPO guides you step-by-step in your transition to a zero headache period week.

What does this free membership consist of?

✔️ A sharing of experience with women in the FEMPO community who are taking the step to menstrual panties.

✔️ Sharing our proven method of switching to menstrual panties by hundreds of thousands of women.

✔️All our advice on how to live your period naturally, calmly and safely with access to exclusive content.

✔️ Personalized support where you can ask all your questions to the FEMPO team.

✔️ Dates with special guests to talk about our bodies and finally get the SVT lesson you never had!

How to benefit from this membership?

Just place your order on the site, all products are eligible for this offer.

250 € to change THE GAME

We are Claudette and Fanny, the founders of FEMPO. We were the first to create and launch menstrual panties in France in 2017. Claudette and I started out as friends and we realized that it wasn't normal to still suffer from menstruation today.

We didn't want to make forced compromises between comfort, health and ecology, which is why we came up with the idea of creating a sanitary protection that is so OUF that it makes us forget that we are menstruating: so comfortable that we don't feel like we are wearing protection, totally harmless to our bodies and long-lasting.

Without any knowledge but with a lot of willpower, we started 4 years ago with 250 € and my mother's sewing machine. And after months of hard work, a hundred versions of panties later and thousands of testers, we launched the menstrual panties in France (we like to call them space panties!).

In 4 years, we have enabled more than 200,000 women to switch to menstrual panties. We've accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to live with your period without having to deal with it. We've decided to share all of this with our community through our new membership program, which is offered with every order placed on the site.

They talk about us

"The end of an archaism

"An invention of the future

"FEMPO, the first of its kind in Europe

What makes the difference



Menstrual panties thinner than a classic pad: less than 2mm thick



OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics guaranteed free of nano particles and harmful products

No odor


Breathable fabrics and odor-resistant bamboo keep you fresh – unlike throwaway napkins



Up to 12 hours of protection without feeling wet, for a life span of 5 to 7 years

Any flow


Different designs and absorbencies to fit your flow and body shape

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